At LeftTimes, we are:

Building a better news feed.

It is hard to know what is worth reading.

We are all busy. There is only so much time we can spend reading headlines and articles - nevermind exploring new sources and gauging the consistency and quality of their work to find the best ones.

We want to help you save time and make the most of your reading - so we are building a well-rounded news feed that brings together great articles from lots of sources.

For us, good articles are:
Nuanced: qualifying claims, acknowledging complexity, contextualizing facts properly, addressing the major arguments and counter-arguments
Radical: challenging established systems and norms that perpetuate injustice and harm.

Elevating great voices from a variety of perspectives.

We believe that being constantly exposed to a wide variety of perspectives and issue areas is critical for effectively evolving one’s political beliefs.

We want to make it easy for you to discover great voices on all issues areas, whether domestic or international, covering politics, race, gender, economy, environment and more. We are always on the lookout for new blogs, publications and authors so you don’t have to be.

Today, our news feed is generated by aggregating articles from a set of 50+ magazines, news sites, blogs, and online publications. The articles are sorted based on a mix of social media shares, quality rating, recency and keywords used. The feed is generated placing the top 6 trending articles at the top, and then displaying the top 3 trending articles for six categories: US politics, economy, race, sex & gender, environment, and world news - with no more than 1 article per source. The result is a daily feed of 24 trending articles balanced across the major key issue areas and representing a wide variety of voices across the left.

We know we can make this news feed much better, and we would appreciate your help!

Our team has experience building apps with millions of downloads.

Joschka Tryba, our product manager, has worked on a variety of educational and political apps and websites including MindTap, LoveGov, and Playrific. Vineet Sinha, has built most of our technology and is the founder of Implicit.io where he is building out a whole series of awesome aggregators. Kristina Lembesis, our UX designer, also works in ed-tech and has consulted for dozens of mobile apps. Samantha Todd, our iOS and Android developer, is a front-end superstar. William Dawley is providing consulting and market research on our product, consumer outreach, and assistance with compiling and evaluating news sources. Many thanks also to all the people that have helped us make the product better, and a special thanks to Thomas Lasseau, Nisha Maxwell and Albert Kim for helping respectively with logo design, social media/advertising and product improvements.

Contact: lefttimes.contact at gmail.com