Helping small publications become less vulnerable to the tech giants.

13% of all news reading comes via social media. For small publications, particularly on left, this number is anywhere from 25%-75%. That means when Facebook changed its algorithms to de-rank articles in early 2018, many left-wing publications saw their traffic reduced by 10%-25%.

In early 2017, when Google changed its algorithms to de-rank blogs and de-rank ‘fake-news’, many left-wing publications were swept up in this and lost anywhere from 10%-75% of their total traffic.

Now, we don’t believe that just because a publication is small or left-wing that it is necessarily good. We are selective in which publications we choose to support; however, it is also clear to us that the ideological leanings of the tech giants (center-left neoliberalism) have led them to take both direct and indirect action that has had severe consequences for the dissemination of left-wing thought and information.

The left lacks channels to disseminate information that are within the left’s control. Each publication and blog can have it’s own website, but in today’s day and age, most people do not have the bandwidth to visit dozens of different websites.

57% of all digital time is in smartphone apps and 41% of all news reading happens in mobile apps. The Left has no mobile apps, and thus is also missing out on a huge portion of news readership. Given that 96% of all mobile usage is in a user’s top 10 apps, no single left-wing publication produces enough content to be competitive in the app store; however, collectively, the left could product an amazing news reading app.

That’s where we come in. We’d like to form a federation of left-wing publications, build a mobile audience for them, give them a reliable an independent channel from the tech giants, and hopefully help expand the left’s reach!

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